Spring 2011 – Semester Course – Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage

UC Semester Course (Anthropology 136E)

January 19 – May 6


Michael Ashley



A practical, hands-on overview of cutting-edge digital technology that is being used and developed for the documentation of cultural heritage –  in this case includes historic and prehistoric places: standing and buried buildings, landscapes, neighborhoods – anything which is of significance for the present population enough for someone to take steps to managing its conservation and accessibility to the public. This course outlines a digital documentation strategy for collecting, processing, and integrating digital data from a variety of different media into a dataset that holistically describes place, including landscape, architecture, and other cultural artifacts. We will be focusing on digital imaging techniques, from basic photography through state-of-the art color capture and interactive relighting. We will cover and gain a practical understanding of databases and data design, including planning, collection, management, publishing and archiving. The goal of this course is the exposure to a range of digital documentation technologies and methods and the development of an understanding of how these media and data may work together to form the basis for exploring deeper questions about past and present cultural heritage. The final productions will be included in a session at the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) meetings, to be held at UC Berkeley in May.


CoDA – Mactia Lab, 2224 Piedmont Av.

UC Semester Course

Berkeley, 94720-3710, CA.

Enrollment to this course is closed. Pleasecontact usto express your interest in future dates or similar courses.

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