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CoDA | Mukurtu CMS Seminar at DHSI


CoDA and Mukurtu are thrilled to contribute in the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) at the University of Victoria, Canada, with a full immersion 5 days seminar on Cultural Codes and Protocols for Indigenous Digital Heritage Management. DHSI is a week of intensive coursework, seminars, and lectures, where participants share ideas and methods, and develop

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El Presidio – A Primer

Students of Anthro 136e visit El Polin, tour led by Kari Jones of the Presidio Trust

It may be summer, but school is already in session for the students enrolled in Anthropology 136e, a course on digital documentation and representation right here in San Francisco’s beautiful Presidio. CoDA’s own Michael Ashley and Ruth Tringham are leading this Berkeley-run course, which had its first session on Tuesday.

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Summer 2011 – Summer Course – Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage


Anthropology 136e. Documenting, Representing, and Interpreting Cultural Heritage at the San Francisco Presidio: a 4-unit 6-week field and studio course that satisfies the methods requirement for the major in Anthropology at UC Berkeley.

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Spring 2011 – Semester Course – Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage


UC Semester Course (Anthropology 136E) January 19 – May 6 Instructor Michael Ashley Description   A practical, hands-on overview of cutting-edge digital technology that is being used and developed for the documentation of cultural heritage – ¬†in this case includes historic and prehistoric places: standing and buried buildings, landscapes, neighborhoods – anything which is of

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