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Recuperating Zip files… Image Media Workflow


Meg Conkey’s Between the Caves Project with CoDA has faced the team with an extensive, daunting, yet fastidiously kept array of media backlogged to the early 1990’s. Her collection features media ranging from unerased chalkboards, to fieldnotes, forms, slides, floppy zips, PCDs, and powerpoint presentations. All media was impressively catalogued and organized, waiting to be

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Tip – WordPress for Dummies 4: Embed Flickr image or Vimeo Video in WordPress

We once more return to our video lecture series on WordPress site development, and this week we’re talking multimedia!

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Tip – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Pixel Pigmentation


Sometimes when I’m batch processing thousands of photos (as I currently am for Last House on the Hill) it’s tempting to rely on Lightroom’s automatic features, which – while pretty good for a computer – aren’t always perfect. Representing color is one of the places where I definitely don’t want to cut corners, and because

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Tip – Saving Data, Saving Dollars

Google Chrome_coda-workflow001

I was at BestBuy on Saturday picking up some external hard drives for a project, where several equally lost people were milling around looking for the killer weekend deals. In fact, I was looking for multiple, external hard drives that work for PC and Mac… and so was everybody else. Having rooted through the myriad

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Tip – WordPress for Dummies Part 3: Creating Posts

Screen Shot 2011-08-21 at 8.54.28 PM

Ruth returns this week with the third in a video lecture series on creating and managing your own website with WordPress.

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Tip – WordPress for Dummies Part 2: Editing Pages

Screen Shot 2011-08-14 at 2.38.30 PM

This week continues Ruth Tringham’s video lecture series on setting up your own site via WordPress. 

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Tip – WordPress for Dummies Part 1: Introducing the Dashboard

wp featured image

If you’ve been keeping up with our Web development for beginners series and are ready to dive into creating your own website, you won’t want to miss this week’s tip: the first in a video series on creating your own WordPress site!

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Tip – Web for beginners, Part 3 – Web marketing

This is the third in a series of Tips of the Week on Web development “for beginners”, this time dedicated to some of our discoveries in the field of web marketing and promotion of your company, products or website through the internet. Brought to you by Elena, CoDA’s spy in the world of web development.

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What I Wish I’d Known – Filemaker Pro


We interrupt our series on web development to bring you another tip from the What I Wish I’d Known series. CoDA intern Elizabeth Minor returns with some advice she’s picked up on Filemaker Pro.

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What I Wish I’d Known – Spreadsheets


Today’s “What I Wish I’d Known” tip comes from CoDA intern Elizabeth Minor, whose experience in archaeological databases has taught her a thing or two about making spreadsheet programs like Excel and Numbers do the work for you. Here’s Elizabeth, on the Concatenate function.

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What I Wish I’d Known – Screenshots

Picture 1

I think this series of tips, which I can picture going along nicely to Ooh La La by the Faces, is something we can all relate to and appreciate.  For my own “What I Wish I’d Known” tip, I must take you back to 2008.  If only it were longer ago. The Almighty Screenshot 2008

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What I Wish I’d Known – Lightroom


We all have tips, tricks, and shortcuts in our work that makes daily life just a little bit easier. Ever wish you had known one just a bit earlier? We’re going back in time with a Tip of the Week series, “What I Wish I’d Known“, as each Monday a different staffer or intern here

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Tip – How Much is 6 Years of Your Life Worth? $2200

Darren Modzelewski at his desk, Berkeley, CA

Darren Modzelewski heard the “click of death” on his external hard drive three weeks ago. Thus began a saga to save his dissertation. It ends well, thanks to DriveSavers, so read on!

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Tip – How Not to Lose Your S%$T


First in a series, inspired by the true story of a graduate student who is in the midst of recovering his dissertation from a dead hard drive. This three part series will help you make a bomb/fool proof plan to keep your stuff safe.

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