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Siggraph 2011 Recap – Vancouver BC, Canada Aug 07-11

Siggraph 2011 Conference - Vancouver BC Canada

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Tip – How Much is 6 Years of Your Life Worth? $2200

Darren Modzelewski at his desk, Berkeley, CA

Darren Modzelewski heard the “click of death” on his external hard drive three weeks ago. Thus began a saga to save his dissertation. It ends well, thanks to DriveSavers, so read on!

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TAG2011 Recap

TAG2011 Logo

The US Theoretical Archaeological Group meeting was held on May 6-8 at UC Berkeley this year, and CoDA played a big part. Both Ruth Tringham and the students from our Digital Documentation course presented at the Dialogues in Photography session, and CoDA interns provided their photographic services for the weekend. View them on flickr.

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Tip – How Not to Lose Your S%$T


First in a series, inspired by the true story of a graduate student who is in the midst of recovering his dissertation from a dead hard drive. This three part series will help you make a bomb/fool proof plan to keep your stuff safe.

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Good Internet Conference 2011 at UC Berkeley


CoDA was happy to be asked to help with video production at the Good Internet Conference, held April 23 at UC Berkeley. We had a great time and made some new friends. [&lt;a href="" target="blank"&gt;View the story "The Good Internet Conference" on Storify]&lt;/a&gt; <a href=”” target=”_blank”>View “The Good Internet Conference” on Storify</a>

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