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Tip – How Much is 6 Years of Your Life Worth? $2200

Darren Modzelewski at his desk, Berkeley, CA

Darren Modzelewski heard the “click of death” on his external hard drive three weeks ago. Thus began a saga to save his dissertation. It ends well, thanks to DriveSavers, so read on!

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Tip – How Not to Lose Your S%$T


First in a series, inspired by the true story of a graduate student who is in the midst of recovering his dissertation from a dead hard drive. This three part series will help you make a bomb/fool proof plan to keep your stuff safe.

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Archaeology and Her Muses – The Photographic Gaze on Archaeology

The Photographic Gaze on Archaeology A Salon-Workshop with Dr. Michael Ashley Where: Archaeology Research Facility, 2251 College Building, UC Berkeley Campus, Room 101 When: March 29, 2011, 9am-12pm “My aim for this work is to suggest a framework for discussing vision in archaeology, specifically the vision of present viewers (archaeologists) and past viewers (our subjects).

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