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Interns in Action – Camaraderie Through Film


Joining us for another in our Interns in Action series is our newest addition to the team, Courtney Camin. Courtney gives us a quick peak at the work she’s been doing on the Last House on the Hill.

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Interns in Action- Preventing Child Labor in Argentina

“Tengo dos, y puedes tener uno. Es un regalo!” Sofia, a five-year old girl from rural Chicoana smiled sweetly as she offered me one of the two plain hair ties she owns. I scrambled for the right words to say in my limited Spanish, so that I could delicately decline her entirely too generous gift.

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Interns in Action – Brazilian Cultural Heritage Through Food…and the Joys of Digital Media

Here is yet another intern who has been busy over the past few months and who will be back for some recurring posts in the future about her ongoing project. Follow Erica Pallo as she digitally documents Brazilian cultural heritage through food. San Francisco, California. Austin, Texas. Denver, Colorado. Little Rock, Arkansas. Madison, Wisconsin. Cincinnati,

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Interns in Action – Vulture Crowns and Guinea Fowl: Building Digital Archival Resources for the Ancient Nubian Site of Kerma

We continue surveying what our interns get up to with a trip report from Elizabeth Minor, who spent her summer seeking buried treasure in archival records on the East Coast and across the pond.

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Interns in Action – Trisha's Summer

The interns here at the Center for Digital Archaeology are some of the most creative, inspired, and talented people  I’ve had the privilege of working with. Not only are they the driving force behind major projects like the Digital Archaeology Archives at the Presidio while juggling full course loads at Berkeley, but they also manage

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