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Mukurtu at International Conference on Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums


ATALM is a national non-profit organization that maintains a network of support for indigenous programs, provides culturally relevant programming and services, encourages collaboration among tribal and non-tribal cultural institutions, and articulates contemporary issues related to developing and sustaining the cultural sovereignty of Native Nations. With these goals the association organizes conferences, workshops, and institutes. Again

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Codifi: the information you care about is just there


We have been very busy making projects happen and sending our colleagues out in the field with efficient, streamlined Codifi databases (some have just left for the Jezreel Valley in Israel!), and it is now time to share some details and updates about Codifi. For this purpose we launched a new Codifi section in our

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XVII International Congress of IFRAO, May 26-31, 2013

IFRAO 2013 color logo on white

The Center for Digital Archaeology is pleased to participate in the XVII International Congress of IFRAO, May 26-31, 2013. FORUM|WORKSHOP From Digitization to Preservation: Digital Collections, Needs and Challenges. This is a two part forum/workshop that emphasizes key issues and challenges in the life cycle of digital collections from digitization and digital capture to preservation and

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Summer Course | Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage

Digital Documentation, Representation and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage at the San Francisco Presidio UC Summer Sessions Class Description This course focuses on the real world challenge of documenting cultural heritage through the creation of  interpretive walks and non-invasive site installations, specifically at the Presidio of San Francisco. The course focuses on the tangible remains and

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Semester Course | Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage

UC Semester Course (Anthropology 136E) Description A practical, hands-on overview of cutting-edge digital technology that is being used and developed for the documentation of cultural heritage –  in this case includes historic and prehistoric places: standing and buried buildings, landscapes, neighborhoods – anything which is of significance for the present population enough for someone to

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Interns in Action – Brazilian Cultural Heritage Through Food…and the Joys of Digital Media

Here is yet another intern who has been busy over the past few months and who will be back for some recurring posts in the future about her ongoing project. Follow Erica Pallo as she digitally documents Brazilian cultural heritage through food. San Francisco, California. Austin, Texas. Denver, Colorado. Little Rock, Arkansas. Madison, Wisconsin. Cincinnati,

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CoDA on the Road – Amache Relocation Camp

The good news about digital archaeology is that it often doesn’t require any travel. The bad news is that it often doesn’t require any travel! This week is one of those rare exceptions, as Michael Ashley heads out to spend four days in Colorado to lend his digital documentation skills to the University of Denver. CoDA

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Interview with Tom Noble, Bureau of Land Management

CoDA intern Erica Pallo interviewed Tom Noble on September 27, 2011 via Skype. Mr. Noble is a photogrammetry specialist for the Bureau of Land Management in Colorado, as well as an expert in other digital photography technologies, and was at the Presidio of San Francisco in August of this year to assist in the preservation

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Interview with Eric Blind, San Francisco Presidio

Intern Erica Pallo interviews Principal Archaeologist Eric Blind of El Presidio de San Francisco on August 2, 2011

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The Presidio Photogrammetry Project

Building 50 photogrammetry set

Last week two members of the CoDA team (Michael and I) had the unique opportunity to work with one of the masters of the art and science of photogrammetry, Tom Noble

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Schroebel Ranch — In Media Res

After concluding the 4th CoDA production visit to the Schroebel Ranch, I’m discovering that these posts are becoming more and more a part of the documentary’s story. They are less like progress reports and more like the opening lines of a saga that begins in media res. This Latin term translates to “in the middle

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