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Last House on the Hill – the Web Edition Launches Softly


It has been a long journey from the beginning of the BACH (Berkeley Archaeologists @ Çatalhöyük) project in 1997 to the launching (albeit softly) of its Web Edition. The BACH Project and its publication was the first collection of data to be auditioned by the Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA). In fact it was one

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House Lives becomes Last House on the Hill

At the suggestion of the editorial board of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (UCLA) Press, the publishers of the the printed monograph report of the Berkeley Archaeologists @ Catalhöyük (BACH) project, we have agreed to change the latter’s name from House Lives to Last House on the Hill (printed edition). On reflection, we all agreed

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Last House on the Hill – Project Intro


The printed monograph House Lives: Building, Inhabiting, Excavating a House at Çatalhöyük, Turkey is but a prelude to the richer, more colourful and certainly more intricate and entangled expression of what we archaeologists do and how we think that comprises the digital on-line presentation of the BACH project at Çatalhöyük entitled: Last House on the

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