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From Hidden into Light: The MIRA Canning Stock Route Archive launches


CoDA is proud to announce the launch in Perth, Australia of a united, tri-continental effort: MIRA Canning Stock Route Project Archive As its name suggests in Martu Wangka, Mira literally ‘brings the hidden into the light’ by creating public access to a remarkable collection of oral histories, images, videos and cultural content.

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Aboriginal Day 2013, Musqueam Mapping Project

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 1.41.01 PM

Greetings from Vancouver! CoDA’s Michael Ashley is absolutely thrilled to be a guest of Musqueam Indian Band in Vancouver for the annual Aboriginal Day 2013. “I’m super happy to be here because it’s such a great chance to get face to face feedback and thoughts directly from those we serve.” -Michael Read more to learn more

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Chuck Ashley Memorial Photography Scholarship Fund


In July 2011 CoDA established a memorial scholarship fund in photographer Charles Ashley’s name, soon after his death in June 2011. The scholarship is aimed at helping students interested in photography to buy equipment, pay for internship fees or tuitions for a school or class of their choice. CoDA also offers in-house training on digital photography, digitization

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Summer Course | Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage

Digital Documentation, Representation and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage at the San Francisco Presidio UC Summer Sessions Class Description This course focuses on the real world challenge of documenting cultural heritage through the creation of  interpretive walks and non-invasive site installations, specifically at the Presidio of San Francisco. The course focuses on the tangible remains and

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Workshop | Field and Laboratory Photography for Archaeology

  Workshop | Half-day A hands-on, practical workshop covering studio photography (artifacts, samples, publication imaging) and site photography. We will cover the essentials of color calibration, resolution, optimal aperture and shutter speed settings, and composition. We will discuss how to develop a ‘born–archival’ workflow, helping to assure digital preservation from the field to the file.

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Semester Course | Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage

UC Semester Course (Anthropology 136E) Description A practical, hands-on overview of cutting-edge digital technology that is being used and developed for the documentation of cultural heritage –  in this case includes historic and prehistoric places: standing and buried buildings, landscapes, neighborhoods – anything which is of significance for the present population enough for someone to

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Hearst Reisner Digital Collection – Project Intro

The HRDC project is a collaborative pilot project conducted by CoDA, the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology (PAHMA), Near Eastern Studies Department (NES), and Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI), in 2010. The aim of the project was to start an integrated digital remediation of selected pieces in the Hearst-Reisner Egyptian collection of the PAHMA for

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Interns in Action – Brazilian Cultural Heritage Through Food…and the Joys of Digital Media

Here is yet another intern who has been busy over the past few months and who will be back for some recurring posts in the future about her ongoing project. Follow Erica Pallo as she digitally documents Brazilian cultural heritage through food. San Francisco, California. Austin, Texas. Denver, Colorado. Little Rock, Arkansas. Madison, Wisconsin. Cincinnati,

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CoDA on the Road – Amache Relocation Camp

The good news about digital archaeology is that it often doesn’t require any travel. The bad news is that it often doesn’t require any travel! This week is one of those rare exceptions, as Michael Ashley heads out to spend four days in Colorado to lend his digital documentation skills to the University of Denver. CoDA

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Timelapse @ the Presidio

Timelapse of Photogrammetry and Gigapixel Imaging of the Interior of the De Anza Room from Connor Rowe on Vimeo. Recently I wrote a blog post about the beginning of our photogrammetry project at the SF Presidio. Here is a raw (unprocessed) time lapse of the second day of that shoot. This was shot by Chris

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Tip – WordPress for Dummies 4: Embed Flickr image or Vimeo Video in WordPress

We once more return to our video lecture series on WordPress site development, and this week we’re talking multimedia!

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Tip – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Pixel Pigmentation


Sometimes when I’m batch processing thousands of photos (as I currently am for Last House on the Hill) it’s tempting to rely on Lightroom’s automatic features, which – while pretty good for a computer – aren’t always perfect. Representing color is one of the places where I definitely don’t want to cut corners, and because

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The Presidio Photogrammetry Project

Building 50 photogrammetry set

Last week two members of the CoDA team (Michael and I) had the unique opportunity to work with one of the masters of the art and science of photogrammetry, Tom Noble

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