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Aboriginal Day 2013, Musqueam Mapping Project

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Greetings from Vancouver! CoDA’s Michael Ashley is absolutely thrilled to be a guest of Musqueam Indian Band in Vancouver for the annual Aboriginal Day 2013. “I’m super happy to be here because it’s such a great chance to get face to face feedback and thoughts directly from those we serve.” -Michael Read more to learn more

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Developing the Angel Island Odyssey App for Android and iPhone; future for Cultural Heritage sites

I first heard about Map2App from Elena Toffalori, our Italian phd student working with us at the Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA). Her friend Pietro Ferraris is one of the designers of this platform that helps you make Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android etc. One of the first examples of such an App created through

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Last House on the Hill – Project Intro


The printed monograph House Lives: Building, Inhabiting, Excavating a House at Çatalhöyük, Turkey is but a prelude to the richer, more colourful and certainly more intricate and entangled expression of what we archaeologists do and how we think that comprises the digital on-line presentation of the BACH project at Çatalhöyük entitled: Last House on the

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Interns in Action – Camaraderie Through Film


Joining us for another in our Interns in Action series is our newest addition to the team, Courtney Camin. Courtney gives us a quick peak at the work she’s been doing on the Last House on the Hill.

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What I Wish I’d Known – Adding Subtitles to Videos

In this video, I describe a [relatively] easy method for adding subtitles to videos. Why would you want to do this? Well, beyond the obvious reasons like providing accessibility to interested individuals who have hearing disabilities, we can use subtitles to create a moment by moment accounting of the contents. For the Last House on the

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El Presidio – A Primer

Students of Anthro 136e visit El Polin, tour led by Kari Jones of the Presidio Trust

It may be summer, but school is already in session for the students enrolled in Anthropology 136e, a course on digital documentation and representation right here in San Francisco’s beautiful Presidio. CoDA’s own Michael Ashley and Ruth Tringham are leading this Berkeley-run course, which had its first session on Tuesday.

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MCN’s California SIG and the Center for Digital Archaeology at UC Berkeley, present a meeting organized by Cinzia Perlingieri, Director of Research at CoDA, bringing together UC archaeologists and MCN technologists in a way that has never been done before in the California SIG. Check the program below and join us! If you are not a Cali SIG

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