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Codifi: the information you care about is just there


We have been very busy making projects happen and sending our colleagues out in the field with efficient, streamlined Codifi databases (some have just left for the Jezreel Valley in Israel!), and it is now time to share some details and updates about Codifi. For this purpose we launched a new Codifi section in our

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What I Wish I’d Known – Filemaker Pro


We interrupt our series on web development to bring you another tip from the What I Wish I’d Known series. CoDA intern Elizabeth Minor returns with some advice she’s picked up on Filemaker Pro.

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What I Wish I’d Known – Spreadsheets


Today’s “What I Wish I’d Known” tip comes from CoDA intern Elizabeth Minor, whose experience in archaeological databases has taught her a thing or two about making spreadsheet programs like Excel and Numbers do the work for you. Here’s Elizabeth, on the Concatenate function.

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Tip – How Not to Lose Your S%$T


First in a series, inspired by the true story of a graduate student who is in the midst of recovering his dissertation from a dead hard drive. This three part series will help you make a bomb/fool proof plan to keep your stuff safe.

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