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Based on the great experience gained by our team in all things related to cultural data design and management, we have created a series of integrated packages complementary to Codifi.

We can help you with digitization/scanning of collections, creation of digital catalogs, and integrated digital/paper databases for field use.


Media Catalogs

From scattered photos (physical or/and digital) to well organized media catalogs; we recuperate all your media in whatever format they are and organize them in accessible digital catalogs with embedded rich metadata.

Document Catalogs

Forms, fieldnotes, guidelines, narratives, and historical documents can be scanned and organized into accessible catalogs with embedded rich metadata.

Integrated Data/Media Database

We can transform your big folders of physical documents and media into accessible digital databases. We cover all phases of the work, from selection to digitization to the creation of a database interface.

Integrated digital/paper database for field use

We design “hybrid” solutions for your field projects that include both digital database and physical forms for onsite data collection. This will make it very easy for you to create a physical record of your work while making it extremely fast and effective to transfer physical data into the digital database. The database will be designed on your specs and will have conditional fields and built-in help to minimize mistakes and errors.

Full field project set-up

We consult on technical requirements and equipment needs, from database to digital devices, to help you maximize your time in the field. We configure your computers, tablets, and cameras and set up your integrated database onto your devices. We can instruct your field team for best results.

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