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Codifi covers all needs related to gathering, managing, sharing, and publishing cultural data, from the field to the lab, to clients, to the community, no matter the scale of the project.

We deliver Codifi data solutions for archaeological survey and excavation projects, cultural resource management projects, and all types of cultural projects that involve working with legacy data, rich media, interpretations, and complex narratives.


Last House on the Hill



Project Director: Ruth Tringham
Partner: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
Goal: Transform the printed monograph of the Berkeley Archaeologists at Çatalhoyuk (BACH) project into a rich, remediated expression of the archaeological process.




Innovative pivot | jump interface encourages discovery and exploration of content  high resolution, full color images, graphics, video  links to original data and archival quality media  extensible framework reusable for new projects  updatable application and content available offline  deep, citable links to original excavation content  digitally preserved and safe

I have always wanted to follow what we write in a book to its source in original data and media. And here it is! Like dancing – pivoting and jumping – through text, media and data! Heavenly!  Ruth Tringham

Between the Caves



Project Director: Meg Conkey
Goal: recuperate and harmonize media and multiple data sources from the 20 year survey project





Photos and fieldnotes in catalog with rich embedded metadata  open data structure to accommodate future fieldwork  extracted metadata from fieldnotes and graphics  media, fieldnotes, gis and excavation data semantically connected  concepts, keywords and site records harmonized into a single, extensible framework

Using Codifi is not just gathering old parts into an archive, it is creating a new enhanced source of information that allows you to think differently and develop all sorts of new ideas!    Meg Conkey

Epipalaeolithic Foragers in Azraq Project



Project Co-Director: Lisa Maher
Goal: Create a multi-user, portable solution harmonizing new fieldwork with 4 years of excavation data and media





Data model reflecting full complexity of project excavation methodology  live sync for international collaborators • solution for hybrid ‘paperless’ forms  off-grid sync for offline data update and backup  archival, printed forms for compliance and preservation requirements  instant search results from millions of records

Our sleek, streamlined, and easy-to-use Codifi database will revolutionize how we spend our time in the field. I feel like I just got years of my life back!  Lisa Maher