The Codifi Process

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The power of Codifi consists of personalized solutions we design for you after understanding every aspect of your project.

The Codifi process starts with a data audition to fully understand your project’s requirements, and culminates with the delivery of a total process that will change your relationship to data and media forever.

Implementing Codifi is easy. You may be surprised by the limited resources needed to get started. From data audition to implementation, we will work with you to ensure you get maximum value with Codifi.

Step 1: Data Audition. Study your needs and goals, get acquainted with your data types and sources, and evaluate project dimension and complexity.
Outcomes: Recommended data solution • High level data management plan

Step 2: Data Identification. Identify and locate your data; create backed-up copies of your original files in a secure environment as needed.
Outcomes: Data Management solution complete • Project workflow • Digital conservation plan and Risk assessment

Step 3: Milling. Cleanse, map, and standardize information to populate Codifi. Your original data are not modified, we create a parallel structure that links to all your sources.
Outcomes: Data modeling • Data cleansing • Data Processing • Media files with embedded metadata

Step 4: Interface design. Fully customized, friendly interface to search and browse your information like you have never seen before.
Outcomes: Customized interface based on your requirements • Logic/faceted browsing based on built-in relations • Retrieval and repurposing of contents as simply as drag&drop • Superfast browsing

Step 5: Data Output. Create data output in flexible formats (xml, rdf) for a variety of uses including web sharing, archiving, and integration into other systems.

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