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Codifi is the complete database solution to manage, harmonize, and publish your content. It provides you with effective data management tools and workflows to integrate and synchronize your data and media saving time and gaining security.

Codifi has been created by and for archaeologists and cultural heritage professionals to collect, manage, and use large sets of digital information and media in truly integrated ways.

The data we produce have many forms and are often spread across multiple sources and files making it very hard to retrieve information when needed. We want these dispersed and diverse data transformed into accessible and meaningful information ready to be shared and repurposed in powerful ways.

This is why we created Codifi. Codifi is an integrated database solution built and developed on FileMaker12, so it leverages the solidity and very advanced abilities of FM, while also including innovative and customized instructions and features integrated into an original interface. Codifi is completely platform independent, can run on Mac or PC, extremely easy to use, customizable branded interface, and exports data and media in portable, web ready formats (.jpeg, .rtf, etc) for use or archiving in any other system or platform.

Main features

Data Harmonization. A dynamic single source of truth that brings all of your content together. Direct connections to your data, wherever they live. All of your data sources represented in a single, portable solution. Data linked to rich media and documents. Easy to backup, preserve and share.

Media Management. Optimized, high definition photos, videos, data tables, and documents. The media mill can process 1000′s of documents at once, extracting meaning and technical data. Automagical creation of beautiful thumbnails and previews. Optimized media for mobile means you can take it all with you

Integration Interface. Your data never looked so good. iTunes-like album view lets you see 6-10x more items in a single screen. Personal search history helps you retrace flashes of brilliance. Browse 1000′s or millions of items instantly. Make new discoveries buried deep in your data

Mobile Sync. Inspiration doesn’t wait for wifi. Codifi is off-the-grid sync done right. Multi-user, industrial strength. Time sensitive, transaction sync means you can work offline, online and in multiple timezones. Supports Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone. Deployable as a local server for field use without internet access.

Codifi will transform the way you work with data and media.

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