Daniele Trombetta | Business Development Intern

“We are the results of our ancestors investments. CoDA helps people to preserve their stories providing an inestimable value that I want to valorize.”

Daniele Trombetta is the biz dev intern of the team. Being an entrepreneur is what he always wanted to be. Since his university years, where he studied engineering and economics, he has been working with several ICT start-ups performing market researches, evaluating opportunities, and developing business strategies. In late 2011 he participated the creation of Treatabit in Italy, an incubator for web start-ups, where he curated particularly the design and launch process. He received his MS in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Torino (Italy), and in 2012 his passion for start-ups brought him to plan a new start-up project called “FairNotes”, an integrated mobile and website solution for keeping track of your business events and all useful information you gather while attending. This project has been awarded a second-best prize at a national ICT competition.

Daniele’s role in CoDA is to provide support and innovation to the company’s strategic positioning and marketing.



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