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First Mukurtu Online Community Gathering – December 14

We’ve been particularly busy in the last weeks with development work on Mukurtu, a community-based digital archive and content management tool. Want to learn more? Sign up for the Mukurtu mailing list and try out Mukurtu online. SIGNUP IS CLOSED FOR THIS EVENT. Initial feedback shows that the project has been gaining interest worldwide from a

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CoDA Celebrates: Thanksgiving

It’s been a busy few weeks here at CoDA, and we hope this holiday as been as welcome a break to you as it has to all of us. More on what’s been filling our dance cards later, but in the meantime, here’s what we at CoDA are giving thanks for this year.

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BADCamp in Berkeley: a Drupal Full-Immersion

Last month Elena and Connor from the CoDA team spent a lovely weekend in the sunny Berkeley hills to learn about new features in Drupal. Drupal is an open-source CMS (content management system), a flexible and highly customizable tool for designing and developing cool websites and web content. The CoDA staff is familiar with Drupal already for having used it

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Interns in Action – Brazilian Cultural Heritage Through Food…and the Joys of Digital Media

Here is yet another intern who has been busy over the past few months and who will be back for some recurring posts in the future about her ongoing project. Follow Erica Pallo as she digitally documents Brazilian cultural heritage through food. San Francisco, California. Austin, Texas. Denver, Colorado. Little Rock, Arkansas. Madison, Wisconsin. Cincinnati,

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Interview with John Jameson, National Park Service

Intern Erica Pallo interviews John Jameson, Senior Archaeologist for the Southeast Archeological Center of the National Park Service on October 25, 2011

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CoDA on the Road – Amache Relocation Camp

The good news about digital archaeology is that it often doesn’t require any travel. The bad news is that it often doesn’t require any travel! This week is one of those rare exceptions, as Michael Ashley heads out to spend four days in Colorado to lend his digital documentation skills to the University of Denver. CoDA

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Interns in Action – Vulture Crowns and Guinea Fowl: Building Digital Archival Resources for the Ancient Nubian Site of Kerma

We continue surveying what our interns get up to with a trip report from Elizabeth Minor, who spent her summer seeking buried treasure in archival records on the East Coast and across the pond.

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Interns in Action – Trisha's Summer

The interns here at the Center for Digital Archaeology are some of the most creative, inspired, and talented people  I’ve had the privilege of working with. Not only are they the driving force behind major projects like the Digital Archaeology Archives at the Presidio while juggling full course loads at Berkeley, but they also manage

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Timelapse @ the Presidio

Timelapse of Photogrammetry and Gigapixel Imaging of the Interior of the De Anza Room from Connor Rowe on Vimeo. Recently I wrote a blog post about the beginning of our photogrammetry project at the SF Presidio. Here is a raw (unprocessed) time lapse of the second day of that shoot. This was shot by Chris

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Tip – WordPress for Dummies 4: Embed Flickr image or Vimeo Video in WordPress

We once more return to our video lecture series on WordPress site development, and this week we’re talking multimedia!

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Tip – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Pixel Pigmentation


Sometimes when I’m batch processing thousands of photos (as I currently am for Last House on the Hill) it’s tempting to rely on Lightroom’s automatic features, which – while pretty good for a computer – aren’t always perfect. Representing color is one of the places where I definitely don’t want to cut corners, and because

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Tip – Saving Data, Saving Dollars

Google Chrome_coda-workflow001

I was at BestBuy on Saturday picking up some external hard drives for a project, where several equally lost people were milling around looking for the killer weekend deals. In fact, I was looking for multiple, external hard drives that work for PC and Mac… and so was everybody else. Having rooted through the myriad

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Siggraph 2011 Recap – Vancouver BC, Canada Aug 07-11

Siggraph 2011 Conference - Vancouver BC Canada

View “Siggraph 2011 Recap” on Storify

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Tip – WordPress for Dummies Part 3: Creating Posts

Screen Shot 2011-08-21 at 8.54.28 PM

Ruth returns this week with the third in a video lecture series on creating and managing your own website with WordPress.

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Tip – WordPress for Dummies Part 2: Editing Pages

Screen Shot 2011-08-14 at 2.38.30 PM

This week continues Ruth Tringham’s video lecture series on setting up your own site via WordPress. 

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Tip – WordPress for Dummies Part 1: Introducing the Dashboard

wp featured image

If you’ve been keeping up with our Web development for beginners series and are ready to dive into creating your own website, you won’t want to miss this week’s tip: the first in a video series on creating your own WordPress site!

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