The Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA) makes a photographer’s last wishes come true

A photography book and digital archive that reveal the art of a great photographer and man.

Charles Wilcoxson Ashley, known as Chuck to friends, family and colleagues, was a professional photographer and a photography teacher. He passed away on June 30, 2011 at age 86 with a dream: to print a book of his photography. “C. W. Ashley. Forty Years of Photography…” realizes Chuck’s dream and hopefully reveal the art of a great photographer.

In the Spring of 2011, Chuck’s son Michael and a team of interns from the Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA) set out to accomplish Chuck’s dream of printing a book of his works. Digitizing his own rich archive of slides, films, negatives, and prints provided Chuck a thrilling passion and interest during his challenging last months of life. Even with declining mental faculties and physical abilities, the idea of working on his book gave him joy and hope, instilling a sense of purpose in his remaining days. Chuck reviewed his photographs, selecting his favorites and providing descriptions for his book until the end, on June 30, 2011.

CoDA will continue to lead and support all efforts needed to make this book happen. CoDA guarantees the highest professional quality of our products, which use fair processes and pay meticulous attention to the preservation of digital records. The Center will make available equipment, expertise, and personnel.
Very little of Chuck’s archive has been digitized so far. Piles of materials need lots of love and professional digitization work, together with descriptions and contextual information. The digital files will go into a catalog, where we will create captions and metadata, and select the best of Chuck’s work for publication. The book design and layout will be the last steps of the process. Fred Lyon, Chuck’s friend and working partner, offers his services for this project, making available a greater selection of works and memory of details and contents of these photographs.
The funds will be spent on equipment (a good scanner for negatives, for one), a professional layout designer, to pay our team for their time and, of course, to provide you people of Kickstarter with what we have promised!

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