Media Licensing

by Brian Suda (@briansuda)

All content on this site, unless otherwise indicated is ©2013 Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley, CA

Wherever possible we use Creative Commons licensing on project media. In some cases, content is protected by copyright restrictions that make this goal not possible. But we try!

Attribution: Please link to this page,, when you re-use content you’ve found on this site or our projects.

The attribution should read:

All photos Copyright ©2013 Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley CA. Creative Commons (OR license associated with the specific item)

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Projects and Partner Content: Each project and partner owns or jointly shares copyright with CoDA. Please always refer to the individual project site page to see any additional licensing constraints.

Contact: Do you have a use for content that is not covered here, or any other question? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.