Interview with Tom Noble, Bureau of Land Management

CoDA intern Erica Pallo interviewed Tom Noble on September 27, 2011 via Skype. Mr. Noble is a photogrammetry specialist for the Bureau of Land Management in Colorado, as well as an expert in other digital photography technologies, and was at the Presidio of San Francisco in August of this year to assist in the preservation work that is being carried out there on Building 50, also known as the Officers’ Club. The structure’s 200-year old original adobe walls are currently exposed and undergoing extensive renovation and Mr. Noble, along with archaeologists from the Presidio Archaeology Lab and some CoDA team members, used high-tech photography techniques to document the interior and exterior walls of the building so that future generations will be able to learn more about the innovations of the Presidio’s past. More information can be found in the technical note that Mr.Noble mentioned in the interview.

Listen to the interview on Soundcloud.

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