CoDA at the 2013 Society for American Archaeology’s Annual Meeting

The SAA – Society for American Archaeology, one of the largest organizations dedicated to the research, interpretation and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas and beyond, held its annual meeting on April, 3rd-7th 2013, in the beautiful landscape of Honolulu, Hawaii. CoDA was there with a booth in the exhibitor room and with a sponsored symposium presenting our products, Codifi, Mukurtu, and Mukurtu Mobile.

Codifi is our complete database solution to manage, harmonize, and publish information and media. It has been created to provide tools and workflow to effectively integrate disparate internal and external cultural data sources and media, saving time and gaining security. Mukurtu CMS is our open source web platform built with indigenous communities to responsibly manage and share digital cultural heritage based on customizable cultural protocols. Mukurtu Mobile is the fastest, easiest way to capture stories in the field, then upload them to your Mukurtu CMS archive when you are online.


The CoDA sponsored symposium was titled “Digital transitions: Technologies for archaeological fieldwork, publishing and community engagement” and was chaired by our CTO Michael Ashley. In the three hours window of the symposium, our colleagues shared challenges and solutions from many archaeological and cultural projects involving digital technologies all around the world. The greatest needs and challenges common to most projects were: the management of large quantities of data, the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues both at home and abroad, and using digital devices in the field to save and upload work once we are back in the lab or office. We were happy to see that our Codifi solution seems to address most of the challenges described, by providing solid, flexible workflows for truly integrating the use of portable and mobile digital technologies in the practice of archaeology from the field to the office.


CoDA’s presence at SAA’s was a big success and thanks to the interest of all our colleagues, our booth was a very active and lively space for the whole duration of the conference. Moreover, demoing our products and focusing on specific needs and requests from many of you, gave us incredible feedback on how Codifi and Mukurtu can revolutionize and help in the archaeological and cultural resource management practice. It was great to have so many confirmations and to hear that we are on the right track to help people to preserve our history, but also gather good food for thought for the future technical development of our solutions.

To those of you that did not have the opportunity to participate in the SAA’s 2013 conference but want to know more about our projects, including Codifi and Mukurtu, we are available to talk and demo any time. Don’t hesitate to send us a request for a free demo and data audition through our contact form. We are already back to work on the integration of Codifi and Mukurtu and on new features for Codifi.

Stay tuned and see you next year in Austin, Texas, for the 79th edition of SAA’s!

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