BADCamp in Berkeley: a Drupal Full-Immersion

Last month Elena and Connor from the CoDA team spent a lovely weekend in the sunny Berkeley hills to learn about new features in Drupal.

Drupal is an open-source CMS (content management system), a flexible and highly customizable tool for designing and developing cool websites and web content. The CoDA staff is familiar with Drupal already for having used it in the Mukurtu project, but the Drupal community is so active and supportive that an intensive 3-days training and overview of the coolest news in the web development world was really worth it.

BAD Camp entrance in Berkeley - © 2011 Some rights reserved by Benjamin Shell on Flickr

So what’s new? Well, there’s a bit of everything, from integration to Facebook’s brand new Open Graph semantic system, to the switch from old-school wireframes to mood tiles in web development. And of course a lot of new modules to make your website prettier and more functional.

Take a look at the BADCamp website for more news, and hit us up to share your experience with Drupal!

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