MCN’s California SIG and the Center for Digital Archaeology at UC Berkeley, present a meeting organized by Cinzia Perlingieri, Director of Research at CoDA, bringing together UC archaeologists and MCN technologists in a way that has never been done before in the California SIG.

Check the program below and join us! If you are not a Cali SIG member you can still register at the conference with a registration fee of $25.


June 3, 2011

Archaeological Research Facility, Room 101

University of California at Berkeley

Organized by

Museum Computer Network – California SIG  And  CoDA – Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley.

In collaboration with

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, UC Berkeley and

Archaeological Research Facility, UC Berkeley

This one-day event is jointly organized by the Museum Computer Network –California Special Interest Group as part of their MCN Inter-conference initiative, and CoDA – Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley. The idea for this workshop came out during the California SIG meeting at the 38th Annual MCN Conference of October 2010, held in Austin, Texas.

The discussion focused on the need of an increased collaboration between museum and archaeology/Cultural Heritage worlds. The two domains share many aspects in their daily tasks, and a deeper exploration of each other’s methods, technical solutions, and challenges encountered, can only benefit both our worlds. This one-day meeting is aimed at moving a step forward into a closer collaboration. Participants will share their experience and will discuss ideas and proposals aimed at better engaging a large audience of learners and users of cultural heritage, both at archaeological sites and in museums.

We will be twitting about the event, follow us.



Morning (h. 9:30)

Welcome by Ruth Tringham – 5 minutes

Introduction of the SIG members – overall 20 minutes

Marla Misunas, SF MoMA – 20 minutes

“Updates on MCN”

Cinzia Perlingieri, UC Berkeley / CoDA – 10 minutes

“Microhistories, Projects for museums, Internship and Training Programs at the Center for Digital Archaeology”

Sue Grinols, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco – 30 min. overall

“New Directions: Making Museum Technology Projects Accessible to the Public”

(Q.A. followed by examples/discussion from the audience)

Grace Chuang, Elizabeth Minor, Patricia Roberts, UC Berkeley – 30 min. overall

“The Digital Archaeology Archive Project at the Presidio of San Francisco. Methods and challenges for a large-scale digitization project”

(Q.A. followed by examples/discussion from the audience)

Michael Ashley UC Berkeley / CoDA – 30 min. overall

“CODIFI: an Open Knowledge Application Framework to manage primary research and publication data. The example of LHotH”

(Q.A. followed by examples/discussion from the audience)

Lunch at the Archaeological Research Facility (h. 12:30pm)

Visit to the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum (h. 1:15pm)

Afternoon (h. 2:45pm)

OPEN FORUM / Group troubleshooting

All participants are invited to present their ideas, update on their activities and initiatives, ask about general or specific issues and problems. There will be open discussion, even though we will have equipment and technical staff to allow participants to give short presentations or otherwise show their work using computer and projector (5 minutes max each).

Elena Toffalori, Connor Rowe, UC Berkeley – 15 minutes

“Dispatch from Europe. Overview of the most updated digital and virtual reality applications to cultural tourism as seen in conferences and fairs in Europe”

Ruth Tringham, UC Berkeley – CoDA – 20 minutes

“Places, Collections, and Digital Narratives: Towards a stronger collaboration between Museums and Cultural Heritage”


Check out the CAL SIG website and contact us for any further information.





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