Summer Course | Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage

Digital Documentation, Representation and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage at the San Francisco Presidio

UC Summer Sessions Class


This course focuses on the real world challenge of documenting cultural heritage through the creation of  interpretive walks and non-invasive site installations, specifically at the Presidio of San Francisco. The course focuses on the tangible remains and documents of the past, but also the intangible heritage in the form of memories, knowledge, performance, and skills of the past of the San Francisco Presidio.
The work day will be divided between seminar discussion on theoretical and comparative studies of heritage management, topical short lectures, group hands-on training and individual guidance to cover state-of-the-art methods for documenting and processing the heritage media, studio and field workshops on historic skills (intangible heritage), and brainstorming on student projects. Student outcomes include: skill and experience in at least one advanced technique of digital documentation of heritage sites, applying these skills to one of the interpretive projects,  and collaborating in a working plan for an interpretive  presentation of an everyday skill in practice during the earliest phases of the fort’s history as the 18th- mid19th century El Presidio de San Francisco.


Archaeology Center of the San Francisco Presidio Trust, Moraga Street, Main Post and CoDA – Mactia Lab, 2224 Piedmont Av., Berkeley, 94720-3710, CA.

The course is an official Berkeley course scheduled through summer session. UC Berkeley utilizes open enrollment during the summer, which means anyone from the general public, who has completed the 10th grade, can attend courses provided that you have fulfilled any published course prerequisites.

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