Liz Dolinar | Community Engagement Intern

Liz Dolinar | Community Engagement Intern

  “CoDA allows me to see towards the future of archaeology, towards the enhancement of how digital heritage is preserved with the use of new and innovative technology.”

Annie Parker | Community Engagement Intern


  “CoDA provides the opportunity for me as an intern to work with innovative projects that promise new and accessible method of preserving and studying cultural heritage.”

House Lives becomes Last House on the Hill

At the suggestion of the editorial board of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (UCLA) Press, the publishers of the the printed monograph report of the Berkeley Archaeologists @ Catalhöyük (BACH) project, we have agreed to change the latter’s name from House Lives to Last House on the Hill (printed edition). On reflection, we all agreed

The Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA) makes a photographer’s last wishes come true


A photography book and digital archive that reveal the art of a great photographer and man. Charles Wilcoxson Ashley, known as Chuck to friends, family and colleagues, was a professional photographer and a photography teacher. He passed away on June 30, 2011 at age 86 with a dream: to print a book of his photography.

CoDA @ Life 3.0 Funders & Founders

Codifi on iPad, demoed at Life 3.0

On July 11, 2012, The Center for Digital Archaeology joined 30+ other ‘founder’ startups at the Fairmont Hotel for a chance to share our stories with potential funders and newfound friends. It was a blast. As a nonprofit startup, we were a bit out of our comfort zone. Pitching our guts out to a room

Developing the Angel Island Odyssey App for Android and iPhone; future for Cultural Heritage sites

I first heard about Map2App from Elena Toffalori, our Italian phd student working with us at the Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA). Her friend Pietro Ferraris is one of the designers of this platform that helps you make Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android etc. One of the first examples of such an App created through

Tyler Wilson | Informatics Specialist and Accounts Manager

Tyler Wilson | Intern

  “CoDA allows me to work with cutting edge technology to enhance and preserve the ever growing catalog of archaeological evidence from the past to the present and future.” 

Chuck Ashley Memorial Photography Scholarship Fund


In July 2011 CoDA established a memorial scholarship fund in photographer Charles Ashley’s name, soon after his death in June 2011. The scholarship is aimed at helping students interested in photography to buy equipment, pay for internship fees or tuitions for a school or class of their choice. CoDA also offers in-house training on digital photography, digitization


Internship at CoDA

The Center for Digital Archaeology sponsors a thriving internship program, where young scholars and professionals learn state-of-the-art techniques and work on real-world projects. The techniques and skills you will develop at CoDA range from advanced digital photography to video editing, from 3D modeling to web content management. You will be actively involved in our field

Last House on the Hill – Project Intro


The printed monograph House Lives: Building, Inhabiting, Excavating a House at Çatalhöyük, Turkey is but a prelude to the richer, more colourful and certainly more intricate and entangled expression of what we archaeologists do and how we think that comprises the digital on-line presentation of the BACH project at Çatalhöyük entitled: Last House on the

Workshop | 3D Modeling with Blender

Workshop | Full-day   This course is a practical hands-on overview of the open-source 3d modeling software Blender. Throughout the workshop we will focus on the needs of Cultural Heritage professionals, focusing on the way Blender can be useful for communication and data management in the field, providing references for further autonomous learning of 3d

Summer Course | Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage

Digital Documentation, Representation and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage at the San Francisco Presidio UC Summer Sessions Class Description This course focuses on the real world challenge of documenting cultural heritage through the creation of  interpretive walks and non-invasive site installations, specifically at the Presidio of San Francisco. The course focuses on the tangible remains and

Immersive Course | Multimedia Microhistories

Immersive Course | 4 days full-day CoDA’s immersive four day courses are intended to provide a first degree fluency in digital tools and technologies for archaeology and cultural heritage. Training is limited to small groups with low student-instructor ratios, limited to 12 participants. Multimedia/Microhistory Production provides an in-depth investigation of storytelling frameworks, as well as

Workshop | Multimedia – Field Production

Half Day Workshop 2nd Thursday of the Month, 10am-1:30pm Instructor Scott Calhoun Description The field production course separates the filmmakers from arm-chair critics. This is a hands-on, gear-heavy introduction to how to shoot video correctly. You will learn the basic operations of the video camera, troubleshooting practices, and also how to capture the different shots

Workshop | Field and Laboratory Photography for Archaeology

  Workshop | Half-day A hands-on, practical workshop covering studio photography (artifacts, samples, publication imaging) and site photography. We will cover the essentials of color calibration, resolution, optimal aperture and shutter speed settings, and composition. We will discuss how to develop a ‘born–archival’ workflow, helping to assure digital preservation from the field to the file.

Workshop | Multimedia – Introduction to Final Cut Pro

Workshop | Half-Day Whether you’re brushing up or just starting, this workshop strives to help you create coherent, seamless narrative using Final Cut Pro.

Workshop | Multimedia – Preproduction

  Workshop | Half-Day The first stage of video production is the planning phase, and it is easily the most important. Pre-production is where you take the steps to make sure that you have the right research, equipment, crew, locations, schedule, and clear directions on the content you must capture. Actions speak louder than words,

Semester Course | Digital Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage

UC Semester Course (Anthropology 136E) Description A practical, hands-on overview of cutting-edge digital technology that is being used and developed for the documentation of cultural heritage –  in this case includes historic and prehistoric places: standing and buried buildings, landscapes, neighborhoods – anything which is of significance for the present population enough for someone to