From Hidden into Light: The MIRA Canning Stock Route Archive launches


CoDA is proud to announce the launch in Perth, Australia of a united, tri-continental effort: MIRA Canning Stock Route Project Archive As its name suggests in Martu Wangka, Mira literally ‘brings the hidden into the light’ by creating public access to a remarkable collection of oral histories, images, videos and cultural content.

Recuperating Zip files… Image Media Workflow


Meg Conkey’s Between the Caves Project with CoDA has faced the team with an extensive, daunting, yet fastidiously kept array of media backlogged to the early 1990’s. Her collection features media ranging from unerased chalkboards, to fieldnotes, forms, slides, floppy zips, PCDs, and powerpoint presentations. All media was impressively catalogued and organized, waiting to be

House Lives becomes Last House on the Hill

At the suggestion of the editorial board of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (UCLA) Press, the publishers of the the printed monograph report of the Berkeley Archaeologists @ Catalhöyük (BACH) project, we have agreed to change the latter’s name from House Lives to Last House on the Hill (printed edition). On reflection, we all agreed

Interns in Action – Camaraderie Through Film


Joining us for another in our Interns in Action series is our newest addition to the team, Courtney Camin. Courtney gives us a quick peak at the work she’s been doing on the Last House on the Hill.

Tip – Web for beginners, Part 3 – Web marketing

This is the third in a series of Tips of the Week on Web development “for beginners”, this time dedicated to some of our discoveries in the field of web marketing and promotion of your company, products or website through the internet. Brought to you by Elena, CoDA’s spy in the world of web development.

What I Wish I’d Known – Filemaker Pro


We interrupt our series on web development to bring you another tip from the What I Wish I’d Known series. CoDA intern Elizabeth Minor returns with some advice she’s picked up on Filemaker Pro.

What I Wish I’d Known – Screenshots

Picture 1

I think this series of tips, which I can picture going along nicely to Ooh La La by the Faces, is something we can all relate to and appreciate.  For my own “What I Wish I’d Known” tip, I must take you back to 2008.  If only it were longer ago. The Almighty Screenshot 2008

BiblioTech Recap (and grandma's advice)

Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 10.28.17 AM

On May 11, 2011, the University of Stanford hosted the conference BiblioTech: Bringing Humanities Ph.D. Innovation to Silicon Valley (check out our previous post and the conference website). After virtually attending the conference, I wouldn’t push anyone into leaving their job to pursue a humanities degree (after Damon Horowitz’s suggestive talk titled ”Why you should quit your technology