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Please subscribe to our new Codifi blog!   2015 marks a new year. It is about time to share our knowledge and engage with the public and our colleagues. It is time to blog, tweet, post, talk, and train! To all of our faithful followers: We admit it, we have been silent. During the last

Last House on the Hill – the Web Edition Launches Softly


It has been a long journey from the beginning of the BACH (Berkeley Archaeologists @ Çatalhöyük) project in 1997 to the launching (albeit softly) of its Web Edition. The BACH Project and its publication was the first collection of data to be auditioned by the Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA). In fact it was one

From Hidden into Light: The MIRA Canning Stock Route Archive launches


CoDA is proud to announce the launch in Perth, Australia of a united, tri-continental effort: MIRA Canning Stock Route Project Archive As its name suggests in Martu Wangka, Mira literally ‘brings the hidden into the light’ by creating public access to a remarkable collection of oral histories, images, videos and cultural content.

Center for Digital Archaeology [CoDA] Open House Fall 2013


Dear Friends and Colleagues, We’ve been working on some exciting projects at CoDA and are pleased to invite you to our open house!

Michael Jennings | Database Engineer Volunteer

Michael Jennings | Database Engineer Volunteer

  “The trowel is still the most important tool for figuring out how different elements relate to one another – but having CoDA in the field gives a framework for organizing observations and easily sharing them with other researchers around the world.”

Aboriginal Day 2013, Musqueam Mapping Project

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 1.41.01 PM

Greetings from Vancouver! CoDA’s Michael Ashley is absolutely thrilled to be a guest of Musqueam Indian Band in Vancouver for the annual Aboriginal Day 2013. “I’m super happy to be here because it’s such a great chance to get face to face feedback and thoughts directly from those we serve.” -Michael Read more to learn more

Terra Thomas | Content Specialist

Terra Thomas Content Specialist Intern

“At CoDA I am able to incorporate my passion for anthropology with my interests in digital media. I believe the work that is being done at CoDA is crucial in both the preservation and the progression of archeology, and I am excited to be a part of it.”

Notes from forum/workshop “From Digitization to Preservation: Digital Collections, Needs and Challenges”

On May 31, 2013 CoDA led the event co-sponsored by the American Rock Art Research Association (ARARA) during the XVII International Congress of IFRAO. It was a two part forum/workshop that emphasized key issues and challenges in the life cycle of digital collections from digitization and digital capture to preservation and access. The forums engaged the

Recuperating Zip files… Image Media Workflow


Meg Conkey’s Between the Caves Project with CoDA has faced the team with an extensive, daunting, yet fastidiously kept array of media backlogged to the early 1990’s. Her collection features media ranging from unerased chalkboards, to fieldnotes, forms, slides, floppy zips, PCDs, and powerpoint presentations. All media was impressively catalogued and organized, waiting to be

Mukurtu at International Conference on Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums


ATALM is a national non-profit organization that maintains a network of support for indigenous programs, provides culturally relevant programming and services, encourages collaboration among tribal and non-tribal cultural institutions, and articulates contemporary issues related to developing and sustaining the cultural sovereignty of Native Nations. With these goals the association organizes conferences, workshops, and institutes. Again

Day 1 @ IFRAO 2013

a busy first morning at IFRAO 2013

Good morning, Albuquerque! Tyler Wilson is representing CoDA at IFRAO 2013, and will be posting images and updates throughout the congress. The international congress is jam packed with hundreds of attendees. Congratulations to the local ARARA crew for making this all happen! We will be posting regular updates to so check back often. We’re adding images to

CoDA | Mukurtu CMS Seminar at DHSI


CoDA and Mukurtu are thrilled to contribute in the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) at the University of Victoria, Canada, with a full immersion 5 days seminar on Cultural Codes and Protocols for Indigenous Digital Heritage Management. DHSI is a week of intensive coursework, seminars, and lectures, where participants share ideas and methods, and develop

IFRAO 2013 Workshop Questionnaire: From Digitization to Preservation: Digital Collections, Needs and Challenges

survey checkmark

The XVII International Congress of IFRAO is less than a week away. We hope you are attending! If not, check our twitter, facebook and blog for updates throughout the congress. CoDA will be leading a two-part workshop. If you are participating at IFRAO, we’d love your feedback so we can make the most of the limited

Codifi: the information you care about is just there


We have been very busy making projects happen and sending our colleagues out in the field with efficient, streamlined Codifi databases (some have just left for the Jezreel Valley in Israel!), and it is now time to share some details and updates about Codifi. For this purpose we launched a new Codifi section in our

Between the Caves

color reversal: Unknown film. SBA settings neutral SBA off, color SBA on

The project “Between the Caves” started in 1993 when Meg Conkey began a regional survey in the foothills of the French Pyrenees looking for Paleolithic materials. Up through the mid 2000′s Meg and her team surveyed plowed fields and vineyards in that region and conducted some test excavations. Meg’s challenge today is to access the abundant and

CoDA at the 2013 Society for American Archaeology’s Annual Meeting

The CoDA booth at SAA 2013

The SAA – Society for American Archaeology, one of the largest organizations dedicated to the research, interpretation and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas and beyond, held its annual meeting on April, 3rd-7th 2013, in the beautiful landscape of Honolulu, Hawaii. CoDA was there with a booth in the exhibitor room and with

XVII International Congress of IFRAO, May 26-31, 2013

IFRAO 2013 color logo on white

The Center for Digital Archaeology is pleased to participate in the XVII International Congress of IFRAO, May 26-31, 2013. FORUM|WORKSHOP From Digitization to Preservation: Digital Collections, Needs and Challenges. This is a two part forum/workshop that emphasizes key issues and challenges in the life cycle of digital collections from digitization and digital capture to preservation and

Codifi is coming to Honolulu

Codifi album interface

We hope you will have a chance to join us at the 78 annual SAA meetings in Honolulu. The entire team from the Center for Digital Archaeology will be on hand to celebrate the publication of Last House on the Hill, both in physical and digital format. It has been a long time coming, but

The Last House on the Hill Video Project


The Last House on the Hill Video Project is a part of the CoDiFi larger initiative Last House on the Hill. A team from the University of California at Berkeley (BACH team) carried out archaeological excavations during the summers of 1997-2003 at the famous prehistoric settlement mound of Çatalhöyük, Turkey, whose archaeological remains date predominantly to

Daniele Trombetta | Business Development Intern


“We are the results of our ancestors investments. CoDA helps people to preserve their stories providing an inestimable value that I want to valorize.”