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CoDA is a non-profit company dedicated to the development of tools and services for the study and sustainability of our tangible and intangible heritage.

We create data-driven digital products and educational programs to support individuals and organizations in charge of the creation, management, and publishing of cultural content.

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What We're Building

  • Codifi is the complete database solution to manage, harmonize, and publish your content. It provides you with effective data management tools and workflows to integrate and synchronize your data and media saving time and gaining security.

    Codifi’s key to effective data management is the dynamic integration of disparate internal and external data sources into one trustworthy place, “a single source of truth” that enables information to be correlated across data sources. Once disparate data sources are integrated, you are able to quickly find, enrich, re-purpose, and share information with all your peers.

    • Data Harmonization. Direct connections to your data, wherever they live. All of your data sources represented in a single, portable solution. Data linked to rich media and documents. Easy to backup, preserve and share.
    • Media Management. Processing 1000's of documents at once, extracting meaning and technical data. Automatic creation of beautiful thumbnails and previews. Optimized media for mobile means you can take it all with you!
    • Integration Interface. Your data never looked so good. iTunes-like album view lets you see 6-10x more items in a single screen. Personal search history helps you retrace flashes of brilliance. Browse 1000's or millions of items instantly.
    • Mobile Sync. Inspiration doesn't wait for wifi. Codifi is off-the-grid sync done right. Multi-user, industrial strength. You can work offline, online and in multiple timezones. Supports Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone.
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  • Mukurtu CMS is the free web open source platform for managing and sharing digital cultural heritage, built especially for indigenous communities, libraries and archives.

    CoDA is working with Mukurtu Director Kim Christen of Washington State University to develop the software on the amazing Drupal 7 platform through an agile community development model.

    Top Features:
    • Cultural protocols, the core of Mukurtu CMS, allow you to define access levels from completely open to strictly controlled, based on your cultural needs. Protocols change with you.
    • Mukurtu Mobile is the fastest, easiest way to capture stories in the field, then upload them to your Mukurtu archive when you are online. You can add photos, share, geolocate, and make links to other items.
    • Traditional Knowledge (TK) licenses protect community-owned cultural content and TK labels, for third party-owned materials, ask users to respect protocols and share responsibly and respectfully.
    • Roundtrip. Mukurtu CMS addresses one of the greatest challenges with digital archives: getting content in and out. Roundtrip allows you to import and update content into Mukurtu and export it for use in other platforms.
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We deploy integrated data and media management solutions for cultural projects and provide training and support for effective data management workflows to integrate and synchronize cultural content.

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We have several ongoing programs that may use your help. Please check out the links below if you want to know more, and send us a note to donate to a specific one. Or just make a donation to CoDA and we will do a good use of your money!

CoDA is a 501(c)3 California Not-For-Profit Corporation. All donations are tax deductible.